Questions & Answers.

Q.  Will I need a test patch for any lash treatment?

A.  Yes, all lash treatment require a test patch 48hrs prior to your treatment.

Q.  How long do lash extensions take?

A.  For a new set of lash extensions, I always allow 2hrs. If you'd desire a full glamorous look, then extra time will be needed to create this. Infills can take anywhere between 1-2hrs, depending on how you look after them, your own retention and lash cycle. 

Q.  Are Lash products safe to use?

A.  Yes, absolutely. The products I use are for professional use only. I have worn these products my self and wouldn't use anything else.

Q.  Will lash extensions damage my natural lashes?

A.   Following the correct aftercare and having regular infills is paramount to keeping your natural lashes healthy. I use

ultra-lightweight lashes that won't be heavy on your natural lashes which won't cause premature shedding.

Q.   Can I get my lashes wet?

A.    You will need to leave 24hrs after application before getting them wet. You must not use saunas, steam rooms or have steam facials whilst wearing your lashes.

Q.  What aftercare is involved for my lashes?

A.   To help keep your lashes clean and healthy, its best to invest in a reputable lash foam cleanser that you'll need to use once a day. This will keep your lashes free from oil build-up and makeup. Also, use your complimentary mascara wand to brush them daily, this will fluff them up and keep them neat. Mascara and cotton wool is a big no-no for lash extensions.


Q.  Will I get addicted to having Lash extensions?

A.   I'm afraid so!

Q.  Will Gel extensions ruin my natural nails?

A.   No. Improper application and poor materials will damage clients nails. Using award-winning CND products combined with years of experience will create beautiful enhancements what won't damage your natural nails. 

Q.  How long will my Gel enhancements last?

A.   The majority of my clients have their nails infilled every 3 weeks. Oiling your nails every day will make a huge difference, as it prevents your natural nails from drying out and the gel 'lifting'.